• 2015 – Competition BBQ Schedule

    2015 – Competition BBQ Schedule

    Here are the competitive BBQ events that we are tentatively planning to attend in 2015: May 22-24- Roc City Ribfest –  http://www.rockcityribfest.com/ June 19-21 – CrossBorder Blues, Brews & Que – http://crossborderbbq.org/ July 10-11 – Drayton Kinsmen Smoke and Sounds Festival – http://www.smokensound.com/ August 8-9- Fat Boys Canadian Capital Classic – http://www.fatboysclassic.ca/ September 18-20 – Oinktoberfest –http://oinktoberfest.com October 9-10 […]

  • Smoked Lamb Shanks

    Smoked Lamb Shanks

    Erin’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day and this year I decided to cook one of her favorite meals on the smoker – lamb shanks. This was the first time I had cooked lamb shanks but overall this was one of the easiest cooks I’ve done on the WSM. Prep time was about 15 minutes but […]

  • End of the Season 2014

    End of the Season 2014

    We had a great first season hitting the New York state series (Empire State BBQ Championships ) We hit the following events: Roc City Ribfest Crossborder Blues, Brews, and Que Smokin’ Eagles International BBQ Oinktoberfest It was definitely a learning year, but we managed to make it up on stage a few times with calls in […]

  • May Long Weekend BBQ Cook

    May Long Weekend BBQ Cook

    Check out our first video featuring some footage from our season pre-cursor at May Long weekend camping this year!

  • 2014 – Competition Schedule

    2014 – Competition Schedule

    Here are the events that we are tentatively planning to attend this year: Roc City Ribfest – May 23-25 – http://www.rockcityribfest.com/ CrossBorder Blues, Brews & Que – June 13-15 – http://crossborderbbq.org/ Loyalist Cup – July 11-12 Smokin Eagles International BBQ Festival – August 8-9 – http://www.sebbq.com Oinktoberfest – September 19-21 – http://oinktoberfest.com We are always looking […]

  • Smoked Turkey with a Bacon Blanket

    Smoked Turkey with a Bacon Blanket

    So you want to smoke a turkey wrapped in bacon. Great! This recipe will need to be started at least 1 day before you want to cook the turkey as it accounts for making a brine and soaking for approximately 6-8 hours. Sorry for the lack of pictures but I will get some this weekend […]

  • Meatballs in Creamy Mushroom Sauce

    Meatballs in Creamy Mushroom Sauce

    Mike’s Meatballs in Creamy Mushroom Sauce This is a great recipe to use up all of the meat trimmings you may have saved from the bbq season. I usually save all of the rib, shoulder and brisket trimmings and freeze them. When I have a significant amount, I grind them up and use the ground pork […]

  • Oinktoberfest 2013

    Oinktoberfest 2013

    Just back from our weekend at the 2013 Oinktoberfest in Clarence, NY where 72 teams competed at the KCBS event. Great event, well run, lots of fun, but too much rain! The photos speak for themselves, enjoy!

  • Basic Rubs | Pork and Chicken | Overview

    Basic Rubs | Pork and Chicken | Overview

    A spice rub on BBQ meats is a definite must. It allows and extra depth of flavour, while encouraging a flavourful bark to form of the meat. Almost everyone has there own special rub that they use on various types of meat. Here is a good base and some ingredient alternatives that will let you […]

  • 5 Steps to cook awesome side ribs

    5 Steps to cook awesome side ribs

    Hopefully the summer weather sticks around but we have one last long weekend blow out coming up this weekend. We’ll be cooking up a storm for an anniversary party and coming up with some ideas for Oinktoberfest. So what are we cooking this weekend? Approximately this is the bill : 20 racks of side ribs […]